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Review of: The Interview

It is not often that I am in a theater where the audience is laughing constantly at a movie. Watching The Interview was one of those cases tonight. Sure, part of the laughing and the applause as the end was because of we actually got to see a move that the government of North Korea […]

Review of: Horrible Bosses 2

The cast for Horrible Bosses 2

    Well, Nick, Kurt and Dale are all back! And unfortunately they are not as funny in Horrible Bosses 2 as they were in the 2011 original. And this is not because they are using the same basic concept as the original. I like the formula, but this time it seemed a little too […]

Review of: The Trip to Italy

  I am always very careful during my reviews to not spoil the movie by revealing too much of the plot. With The Trip to Italy I do not have to worry. There is barely enough plot to spread on a piece of bruschetta. But that is just fine because this film is a delightful […]

Review of: This Is Where I Leave You

    I have a theory about families. Every family is dysfunctional. It’s just a matter to what degree. And when it comes to the Altmans in Sean Levy’s movie This Is Where I Leave You the dysfunction is up there a bit. Let me summarize the family and their stresses/dysfunctions for you. Hillary (Jane […]

Review of: “Neighbors”

  If you like Seth Rogan you will like this movie. But if you are not so sure about Seth’s comedy be prepared to be surprised. Because, like all of us he is maturing and so is his comedy. Life is about growing. Most of us as we get older learn what to leave behind (getting […]

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