Fight North Korea with Comedy

Kim Jong-Um

In my earlier post I posed the question of how to let Sony and Kim Jong-Um know that we will not be cowed by heavy handed censorship. Then the idea came to me that because the government of North Korea and Kim Jong-Um are afraid of humor then we should use what they fear most against them.

So, I am asking everyone in the entertainment industry, the more prominent the better, to simply make fun of North Korea and Kim Jong-Um as much and as often as is possible. This is a nation who has threatened attacks on our own soil just because they do not like a movie! So be relentless! Use parody, satire, farce, irony, stand-up. Tell potty jokes, puns and use black and blue humor. Perform improv, sketches, spoofs, and slapstick. Make mockumentaries, and screwball comedies. And all of it telling North Korea and Kim that they are a small, petty, bully who will not tell us what we can create or enjoy!