Make a Statement to the Sony Terrorists, Watch This Movie

The issue with the hackers of the Sony Pictures document and emails has been all over the news. But a few days ago the cyber terrorists made the statement that they will take their terrorism to the next level.

This new level is prompted by the Seth Rogan, James Franco movie, “The Interview”. This comedy is upsetting someone because of its plot included a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Um, the leader of North Korea (see trailer below). These terrorists are now saying that if Sony does not pull the movie out of distribution there will be “9/11 type” of attacks on movie theaters.

I had planned to watch a movie and do a review during the Christmas weekend, just not this movie. But I have now decided that I want to let the terrorists know that they cannot determine how I live my life. I will go to see The Interview next weekend (if the local theater plays it) and hope that others do the same.