Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Movie Rating of 3.0



Every narrative film has to deal with suspension of disbelieve. We the viewers need, and want the films to seem real even though they are not.  Dramatic films do this primarily with a compelling story and good acting.  And comedic films almost don’t need to worry about this as long as they make laugh.

But, when we get into action, adventure and science fiction films if we can’t believe in a little of the impossible things that are happing on the screen, well then the film has failed to capturing our attention.

I was looking forward to this film, mainly because I wanted to see how the director dealt with our suspension of disbelief. For an action film like this sometimes all I need is adequately believable stunts and CGI action.  Of course we all know from the trailers that there is a battle between our two heroes.  But how can this be?  How can there be any tension when we know that Superman is superhuman and Batman is not.  Well thanks to some misleading trailers for this film and to the long delayed battle we eventually find out that Kryptonite (no surprise here) is the answer.  And the answer (no spoilers here) was reasonable well done.








I have been big fan of the stories the Christian Bale Batman movies have told I was hoping that this Ben Affleck version might also have a compelling story. And for the most part Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice delivered a good story.  However, at 2 ½ hours, this is very long film and the building of the story and the tension between the protagonists could have been shorter.

Ben Affleck brings a certain weight to this role. His Batman is a brooding and tormented Bruce Wayne/Batman.  He is having nightmares about his past and about the aftermath of Superman’s battle with Zod.  People have been hurt and he is becoming convinced that Superman is not the savior that we thought he was.








Henry Cavill is again very good as Clark Kent/Superman. And he is also under some pressure from those around him.  There has been too much damage and death around him even though he has been saving the parent in the process.  There is talk that maybe there should be some sort of control placed on him.

As you might expect Lex Luthor is behind much of what tormenting both Clark and Bruce. At first I was also not too sure that Jesse Eisenberg could handle the role of the arch villain.  He started out seeming a little too odd and squirrely.  But as the film went on his malevolence became more apparent and he did become appropriately menacing.


Oh, and we get to see the Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She was appropriately fierce in what was basically a preview of the future Justice League movie(s).


I think is you like action movie you will love this one. If you want a good story you might like this film as well.  But as noted before it is a long movie, so pee before you sit down.