Review: Dirty Grandpa

Movie Rating of 1.5





When Robert De Niro showed he had real comedy chops in 1999s Analyze This I have been in awe of this actor.  He was already one of the seminal dramatic actors of his generation.   He brought a presence to the screen that you cannot look away from.

But now I have seen everything.  Robert De Niro is the center the raunchy, drunken, spring break type comedy call Dirty Grandpa.  Here he plays Dick Kelly the ex-special forces grandfather to Zac Efron’s the uptight, preppy, lawyer grandson.  Dick has just buried his wife after a long but of cancer and now wants his grandson Jason to drive him to his vacation home in Florida.


But of course grandpa has ulterior motives.  Without getting to specific, he want to move on with his life as his wife would have wanted.  But being the type of comedy this is this means to Dick is having sex with a very young, very horny Aubrey Plaza.  There also seems to some concern that Jason may not actually be happy.  He is a corporate lawyer in his father’s firm and is about to marry Meredith (Julianne Hough).  Does Grandpa Dick think that maybe he needs to help Jason find happiness?


So now I seem describing a standard film about tense and unhappy family members using a road trip to rediscover happiness.  Well, Dirty Grandpa is a combination of both a raunchy comedy with road-trip-rediscover-lost-happiness humor.  Unfortunately, the combination of stories wad done in a very ham-handed way.


The crude humor was overdone.  There were just a few too many dicks drawn on faces for me.  The rediscovering happiness and your true self part of the film had many fun and warm moments, just not as many has it could have.  A better balance would have made the film a better and funnier film.


But I am glad to have gone to this film.  For my money De Niro as horny, tough and funny Grandpa Dick was perfect casting.  The ladies will be happy to know that you will be able to pretty much (99%) of Zac Efron’s impressive body.  And Aubrey Plaza’s slutty, foul mouth Lenore is so hilarious you can’t believe it.  She is one of the highlights of the film.   Maybe the best part of the film is at the end when Lenore and Jack finally get it on with shouts of “tell me you’ve fall and can’t get up”.