Review: Keanu

Movie Rating of 3.5





Do you like action? Do you like raw gangsta rap? Do you like kittens?  If you like to also laugh out loud, then you will be rolling in the aisles for Keanu.

To begin with, when have you seen and movie opening with a raging, acrobatic drug gang gun battle with a little kitten running full speed through the middle of the bodies, drugs and flying bullets?


Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are the nerdy cousins Clarence and Rell in this fish-out-of-water comedy that Peele also co-wrote. Rell (Peele) has just been dumped buy his girlfriend and is a hot mess.  His cousin Clarence (Key) is on his way try to help Rell get a hold of himself.  And before Clarence can get to there the cutest kitten ever gets there and Rell is in love.


Key and Peele as they do so well in there comedy routines are playing the nerdiest, most non-street, black guys ever. The white pot dealer Hulka that lives next door to Rell (played by Will Forte) is “blacker” and more “Street” than they are.  Or at least until Keanu, the kitten, is cat napped by the 17th Street Blips gang.  Now Rell has to get his kitten back from drug gang banger.

Fortunately, these nerds are mistaken for a pair of homicidal drug assassins by Chedder the gang leader of the Blips how now has Keanu. This keeps case of mistaken idneity helps keep them alive in a world that is completely foreign to them. “You’re talk like Richard Prior is doing an impression of a white guy.”


This movie shows how the love for a very, very cute kitten can result in murder, mayhem, gangsters doing team building exercises and greater appreciation of the true hard core messages in the music of George Michael.



I was laughing out loud throughout the film. Now please be warned that this film has an R rating.  So, even though there is an adorable kitten in the movie, because of the violence and raw language, do not bring a kitten with you to the movie.