Review of: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Movie Rating of 2.0



I love Spy/Secret Agent movies. James Bond is my hero. And since, to paraphrase a well know quote, parody is the sincerest form of flattery, I also love spy parodies.

This is why I was looking forward to Kingsman: The Secret Service. After all, look at who the director had to work with: Michael Caine, Colin Firth, Mark Strong and Samuel L. Jackson. What could go wrong? Well unfortunately quite a bit.

To be fair Kingsman had all of the elements of a successful action/comedy. The film is based on a successful comic book franchise, the director, Matthew Vaughn, is very adept at this genre (Kick Ass, X-Men: First Class) and the cast should have been a dream.

When I see that Samuel L. Jackson is the maniacal but charming villain with delusions of saving the world by killing most of the humans, I anticipate a very thrilling but humorous performance. But then I could not believe that his character Valentine talked with a lisp and can’t stomach blood. Those were horrible character choices. These made his villain only slightly funny and not particularly menacing.


Oh, and Michael Caine’s substantial acting and comedic talents went totally to waste.

But to be fair, there were some high points. Colin Firth, as the perfect gentleman agent was fun to watch. He was ever composed and proper even during his fight sequences. However, of the fights went on too long and was too graphic. Mark Strong was pitch-perfect as Merlin, the trainer. He played his role with the best combination of earnestness and humor. And Sofia Boutella as Valentine’s henchwoman, Gazelle, with the prosetic swords for feet was sufficiently threatening to keep us interested during her scenes.


Also, to be fair the action scenes were mostly well done and in one case was actually very funny.

But the best part of this film was the relatively new comer Taron Egerton as Eggsy. He has screen presence that rivals Ryan Gosling or Robert Downey Jr. (though not yet nearly as good of an actor).


You may have noticed that I have so far not mentioned the plot or storyline of the film. The plot was a standard spy trying to save the world conceit that would have worked fine if all of the other, potentially golden elements, of this film had been utilized properly. So, don’t base you decision to see or not to see Kingsman: The Secret Service based on the plot. I recommend that you make your decision based on the fact that I spend too much money to see this film on its opening weekend and was very disappointed.