Review: Star Trek Beyond

Movie Rating of 2.5




I love Star Trek! I just don’t love this latest film.  What we expect from a big summer blockbuster movie is lots of special effects, action and eye popping graphics.  We do get this in Star Trek Beyond. What we don’t get is a lot of drama in the story.


For a film costing a reported $185 million they could have spared a little more money for a plot. This film is about how Captain Kink (Chris Pine) is feeling a little bored, and dreading his impending birthday. He is even thinking of taking a promotion that would result in having a desk job.  But if science siction has taught us any thing is that the best way to break out a funk is to go off and battle a mad man intent on destroying worlds.


The problem is this a standard plot line for TV show and not a movie. the story was so thin that the director has filled significant segments of the film with long frenetic action scenes.  Some of the action sequences are so frantic and long that you end up missing some of what is actually going on.


Don’t get me wrong, you do see an incredible about of the huge budget on the screen. The scenes are gorgeous and at times, like when we see the planet sized space station, awe inspiring. But I have come to expect more from a J.J. Abrams production.  It is as if, Like Captain Kirk, the film makers are a little bored and in a funk. I am hoping that the next in the sequence will be much better.


But you will probably like this film. It is certainly worth your time and money.  If you go to a summer film for the graphics and action, you will get your money’s worth here.