Review of: Taken 3

Movie Rating of 3.0
Taken 3

As the British talk show host Graham Norton said: “Brian Mills and his particularly unlucky family are all back”. And this time Lenore (Famke Janssen) doesn’t make it much past the opening credits. Brian (Liam Neeson) somehow is now the target of a Russian mob and Lennie has been killed to frame him. Brian is now being chased by both the Russians and the LAPD. So he uses his “particular set of skills” to stay a step ahead of everyone while protecting his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace).Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace

I really liked Taken 3. To give some perspective; I am rating this movie with 3 $s and the original Taken (2008) I noted as being My Favorite Action Movie would be rated 3 ½ $s. The reason why Taken 3 is so good is the same reason why I also love chocolate chip cookies.

A really good chocolate chip cookie has very good cookie dough that helps to set off the chocolate of the chips. This is the same when a very good action move has an excellent good story surrounding the action. Writer/producer Luc Besson ,with writer Robert Mark Kamen have crafted and very engaging story. At the beginning we see the where Brian and is family are now. Kim is living with a boyfriend and Lenore is unhappy with her husband Stuart (Dougray Scott). By the way, always pay attention when in a film series the actor for a previously minor character is replaced by a much better actor.

Liam NeesonWe see that Brian is framed for Lenore’s murder and then escapes from the LAPD (cookie dough then chocolate chips). Then we see how Brian goes about finding our why Lenore was murdered. Then we see him being caught by the LAPD, then escapes again in a great car chase (dough then chips). Then we see how Brian, with the help of his ex-CIA collogues, Find a way to protect Kim and find out who is behind everything. Then come the rush of final fight and chase sequences that resolve the story in the end.

So do you see the pattern? The scenes between the action sequences are well written and always help to drive the story, and the action, forward. If you just want action, action, action in your movie then it is like just eating a big piece of dark chocolate. Sure, it is very satisfying for a while, but eventually you palate becomes sated and you can appreciate the rest of the chocolate (or movie).Liam Neeson

And the action in Taken 3 is very good. The fights and chases are realistic, gritty and fast paced. Liam Neeson, at the age of 62, has turned into the action star of the decade.  He does his own fight sequences and brings a level of personality and gravity to his roles that I don’t see in any other actor today.

So, if you like Liam Neeson, action movies or particularly, chocolate chip cookies, then go see Taken 3.